How to Help

We urge you to write letters explaining what Hasankeyf means to you and the entire world. Whether you live in Turkey or not, please adapt our letter template (click for English, Turkish and French versions) and contact your political leaders and policy-makers about the need to protect Hasankeyf, in the name of peace and sustainability.

Other ways to help with our goal of raising the profile of Hasankeyf both nationally and internationally in order to balance heritage conservation with economic development in Hasankeyf and its surroundings:

  • Come visit Hasankeyf!
  • Spread the word to friends and family in Turkey and further afield
  • Contact tour organizers to urge them to visit our website and to include at least a 24-hour stay in Hasankeyf on their Southeast Turkey itineraries
  • Organize your own holiday, group visit, or workshop in Hasankeyf (e.g. for yoga, hiking, camping, photography, sketching...)
  • Send letters to parliamentary/legislative representatives and diplomatic officials
  • Organize a display of Hasankeyf art and photography in your community
  • Help local artisans and merchants develop/market/sell locally produced goods and services (spice mixes, cooking classes, handcrafts, etc.)
  • Organize a photography workshop to train local children and youth on basic photography techniques
  • Produce a brochure about Hasankeyf
  • Provide legal advice and/or financial literacy training to Hasankeyf residents facing liquidation and mortgage issues related to their relocation
  • Contribute to the business-case analysis of Hasankeyf's economic potential
  • Write an article or opinion piece about Hasankeyf
  • Help with translating and/or transcribing oral histories, news reports, etc.
  • Serve as official photographer for one of our events
  • Consider a stay of several weeks or months to teach English to Hasankeyf residents and/or working with 5-6 students remotely to coach people as they use online resources to learn

If you're interested in pursuing any of these projects -- or your own ideas! -- please contact us. We welcome contributions, suggestions, discussion, and feedback.

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  1. Hi, I have drone footage of Hasankeyf that i'll be editing soon, Please let me know what I can do to help stop the demolition of Hasankeyf and construction of the Dam.

    The video will be on my YouTube channel: